QUIZ: Is your business actually growing or are you just gaining traction?

Of course, the most important ingredient to stepping it up a notch is growth. Don’t get me wrong, Boss Bitches got nothing against gaining traction. But I’m talking about real growth here. It sounds so obvious, but you have to ask yourself: is your baby really growing or is it just putting on some pounds that look like growth? To find out, answer these questions honestly:

  1. While growth rates vary from week-to-week, are your sales year over year seeing positive growth?
  2. Is that growth more than 1-3%?
  3. Are your customers reliable repeat loyal customers?
  4. Do you not only have money to keep the doors open but also reserves in case something breaks or if you have to replace or upgrade equipment or systems?
  5. Do you have a trusted team in place to help you make decisions? If you left for a couple of days, would everything still run smoothly?

If you answered YES to all of the questions above, then you are likely experiencing a good amount of growth. If not, you’re likely just gaining traction, which is good, but it’s not enough juice to fuel the sustainable growth wave that good startups experience.

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