3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine if Your Passion is a Business or a Hobby

So you've tested the waters with your passion by practicing part-time and decide that it isn’t just a hobby...and could be something legit. You want to start a business, but do you have what it takes? No one says building a business is easy but after all the business research is said and done, you must prepare YOU by asking yourself these three questions (and answering yourself honestly!): Are you mentally prepared? You’ve conducted extensive research into your profession, studied the competition and met with like-minded individuals. Now it's time to execute your business plan. Are you ready mentally? You have [...]

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How To: Make Your Employees Love You

So you're finally in the boss's chair, huh? Before investing in that new nameplate or plotting your next move up the corporate ladder, take the time to foster relationships with your employees. After all, you were there once, too, and happy employees mean a better work environment for all. Here's how: Get to know them. We mean more than first names and hometowns. Your new employees may be anxious about what the change in leadership (ahem, you) will mean for them. Showing a genuine interest in learning more about them will help put some of those fears to rest. A [...]

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Why I Used “Bitch” in the Title of My Book

As a woman, if you speak your mind, you’re called a bitch. If you don’t take shit from anyone, you’re called a bitch. If you aren’t afraid to go for what you want, you’re called a bitch. If you are empowered about your money and the life you want, you’re called a bitch. If you demand respect, you’re called a bitch. And for men, if they do these things? Well...they're just a "man." THE man, in fact. WTF?? Since when is it a bad thing to be an intelligent, sassy, honest, powerful female that takes charge of creating the life [...]

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Why I’m Honored to Be #LikeAGirl

Even when you're aware that you know some pretty amazing people, sometimes they completely surprise and honor you out of the blue—like when Keith Ferrazzi wrote about me in his recent #LikeAGirl post on LinkedIn. The work that Keith and his company, Ferrazzi Greenlight, do has always been really inspirational to me. His belief in (and support of) the fact that businesses and organizations benefit from having women–diverse women–represented on the same level as men is spot on, and resonates so soundly with many of the reasons I was moved to write Rich Bitch. When we (women) don't take control [...]

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3 Secrets of the Self-Employed

In 2011, I took a big risk: I left CNBC, a major network with all of the resources and big media perks in the world, to start my own production company. I felt an urgent need to reach a younger, broader audience with financial advice in plain English, and wanted to strike out to do just that on my own. But that meant taking a HUGE leap of faith...and becoming a boss and employee of one. Working for yourself has its perks: you call the shots, lead the company, and, hey, even make the dress code (slippers, please!). But there [...]

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A Woman’s Guide to Getting a Raise

Men are four times as likely to ask for a raise than their female coworkers—even though we're still only making around 78 cents to their dollar. So what gives? You've gotta ask! Here's how: 1. Timing is everything. Set yourself up for success by finding a good time to approach your boss. At 5:30pm on a crazy-busy Monday? Probably not the best time. The day after the company releases a dismal earnings report? Probably not the best time either. After you've received a stellar performance review or praise from a client? GREAT time to make your move! Let your boss [...]

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Networking Tips You Won’t Learn in B-School

It doesn’t take an MBA to know that “savvy” and “schmoozy” are not the same thing. Here’s how to work the room at your next conference, cocktail party, or career event—the right way: Business cards: Whether you're one of 1,000 employees or one of 1, there's no excuse not to have a polished and professional business card. It’s easy to do with the plug-and-chug business card creator on FedEx’s website. Stick to colors and design elements that say something about you without being distracting; so, if pink really is your favorite color, use it as an accent on white and [...]

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How To: Make People Think You’re a Bigger Deal Than You Actually Are

When I was starting out in local news in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, there was no chance I would have had an assistant. But, sometimes it appeared better if I did, so I could look like “kind of a big deal” (which I wasn’t). So, I made one up. “Her” name was Dorothy. I don’t know why I picked that name, but it sounded like she was legit (looking back, it had some Wizard of Oz symbolism going on). I set up an email account for “Dorothy” and whenever I reached out to pursue an opportunity, I sent it from [...]

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