How To: Be a Productivity Boss

Time is money, baby, so of course I love anything that makes me more efficient. Think of yourself as a lawyer would: your time is valuable, and you have billable hours. You only get 24, so make ‘em count! Here are four ways to boost your productivity and work smarter, not harder. Rethink multitasking. We’ve all been guilty of trying to do way too many things at one time, which normally leads to a less-than-stellar performance across the board. Rethink it. Instead of breaking your train of thought while working on a presentation to jump over to shoot off a [...]

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When it Comes to Investing, Confidence is Key

Here’s why you should care about investing: because stashing your money under a mattress is ridiculous. Not only because it doesn’t make you money, but because you actually lose money. Yes, you lose money. No, I’m not surmising that a robber will come and steal your cash—but a little thing called “inflation” will. Even if you are more sophisticated than my family was and save money in a bank account with a little, measly bit of interest, you’re still losing money in the long run. “Hey, it’s better than nothing,” you might be thinking. Well, yes, if you don’t care about making money. But, it’s like [...]

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5 Foolproof Ways To Upgrade Your Resume

It’s an important thing to keep your resume in tip-top shape, even if you’re not currently looking to make a change in your career. Follow these five easy ways to upgrade so that when the time comes, you’re ready (or if — eek! —you find yourself suddenly without a job and need to jump back into the workforce stat): 1. Change your font: One of the easiest ways to breathe fresh life into your resume is to change your font. Helvetica or Times New Roman no longer have to be the standard. Try a different font for your name, one [...]

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How To: Save Major $$ Rocking the Vote!

  I get it: as a boss-lady-in-training, you're super busy. But this election is going to determine a lot of policies — from taxes to student loans — that will have a huge impact on your wallet and your future. So no excuses: gotta get out there and rock the vote! From the best hours to hit the polls to apps that help with finding parking nearby, here are some ways to make sure you get there without putting a major dent in your paycheck: 1. Make sure your voting registration is up to date: Double check your registration status here to make [...]

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4 Surprising Hidden Costs of Running for POTUS

We all know presidential campaigns are expensive, but just what kind of numbers are we talking about out on the campaign trail? It's not just TV ads and fundraising events...some of the things candidates spend their money on might surprise you:  1. Food: Aside from the fancier eats at catered stops or major fundraising events, fast food reigns supreme as the dining choice for most campaigns. Why? Because it's fast, readily available, and open LATE. Regardless of where they're snacking, food is a major expenditure for presidential candidates and their staffers. Some notable receipts include the Cruz campaign spending a whopping $1,233 [...]

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The 5 Best Apps for Your Financial Health

There's a ton of research out there about how your finances affect your health. In fact, I did a whole segment with my buddy Dr. Oz about how your shopping habits can adversely affect your stress levels and emotions. Luckily, there's a lot of help out there, including many apps that can keep you on track mentally and financially right from your smartphone. Here's a roundup of my favorites: Zero Willpower: If you want to get serious about curbing your spending, download blocking apps instead of shopping apps. Zero Willpower lets you block specific websites so that you can't access them [...]

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