BYOW: Boss Your Own Wallet with These Shopping Tips

BYOW: Boss Your Own Wallet with These Shopping Tips It's important to remember as women, we are the bosses of our lives; we have the final say about our careers, relationships and finances. That's why I've teamed up with Sears to empower all you shoppers out there to "BYOW" (Boss Your Own Wallet) just in time for all of your springtime shopping! We spend hundreds of hours annually shopping for ourselves and our families. Isn't it time we made that investment work for us? After all, we're the bosses of our own lives – we've got work to do! People [...]

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4 Things You Don’t Know About Student Loans…But Should

Student loans. You likely have them; consider yourself extremely lucky if you don’t. Student loans are also technically considered “good debt” because in taking them out, you’re investing in yourself, which, in theory, will give you the tools to pay the debt off many times over. Think of student loans as the avocados of the loan world: like avocados are “good fat,” which nourishes your body, student loans are “good debt,” which expands your knowledge and (hopefully) furthers your career. But like avocados are still fat, student loans are still debt…so don’t gorge on them! Here are four things you [...]

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6 Things Early Tax Filers Need to Know

Fun fact: you get three extra days to file your taxes this year. Due to scheduling issues and the fact that April 15 is a Saturday, the deadline to file your taxes is April 18, 2017. So, no excuses! Early filing: As of Monday, January 24 2017 you could start filing your taxes electronically online. You know what that means: the earlier you file your taxes, the earlier you can get your refund back. If you have your paperwork ready (W-2s from your employer to report any wage or salary information, 1099s for any freelance or self-employed work you did [...]

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7 Steps to Recover from a Holiday Spending Hangover

It’s an easy thing to do: blow your entire month’s budget on holiday shopping, festive outfits, and dining out. Trust me: I’ve been there, too. It wasn’t until I graduated from college and landed my dream job at CNN that I got my first credit card. I was raised in an immigrant family, where cash was queen and debt was just not okay. The trouble was, I hadn’t experienced the perils of interest before, and by that first holiday season in Atlanta, not only was I broke—I owed $5,000 on my credit card. Ouch. Those random purchases made here [...]

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When it Comes to Investing, Confidence is Key

Here’s why you should care about investing: because stashing your money under a mattress is ridiculous. Not only because it doesn’t make you money, but because you actually lose money. Yes, you lose money. No, I’m not surmising that a robber will come and steal your cash—but a little thing called “inflation” will. Even if you are more sophisticated than my family was and save money in a bank account with a little, measly bit of interest, you’re still losing money in the long run. “Hey, it’s better than nothing,” you might be thinking. Well, yes, if you don’t care about making money. But, it’s like [...]

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7 Ways to Spot Unwanted Charges on Your Credit Card

Fashion pretty woman with old retro camera over red background We talk a lot around here about monitoring your spending for your wallet's sake—but it's a security thing, too. Sometimes, errors happen by accident: the store clerk entered the wrong amount before swiping your card, for example. Other times, it's flat out fraud by a thief who has gotten their hands on your credit card number. No matter how or why it happens, you-know-what does happen—so here are 7 ways you can spot the charge and report it right away before it becomes a bigger headache: 1. Be a hawk: While it’s [...]

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If You Only Do 6 Things to Protect Your Financial Future, Do These!

As Rich Bitches, we love to plan: our outfits, our weekends, and (of course) our killer career moves. But we're not always as on-the-ball about planning for our finances down the road. Luckily, you don't even need to get into a 401(k) debate (in fact, I argue that those aren't for everyone!). Just try these 6 easy peasy things to protect Future 1. Create a spending plan that you can (actually) stick to. Budgeting does not mean having less fun. It means making conscious decisions about how you’re going to deploy your money based on how you want to live. [...]

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How Often Should You REALLY Be Checking Your Budget?

A recent study showed that 19% of women think of sex daily, if not several times per day, and two-thirds of women surveyed were thinkin' about it at least on a weekly basis. If only we were thinking about our money that much! It might not be as sexy, but tracking your finances is crucial. It’s the only way you can get the lay of your financial landscape and take a careful inventory of what you actually have and what you owe. According to a recent study by Capital One, more than a quarter (27%) of Millennials say that establishing a [...]

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Should You Consolidate Your Student Loans? (And What Does that Mean, Anyway??)

The idea of consolidating is simple: smoosh all your student loans into one single loan and one monthly payment. You may be tempted to consolidate your student loans all together in one payment, which makes life easier, but beware: loan consolidation isn’t a magic cure-all. There are a lot of traps out there. A few words of caution if you do decide to go this route: Timing is everything. If you can, wait until you’ve graduated before consolidating your student loans, but don’t wait too long. Typically, you get a six-month grace period when you graduate before you have to [...]

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New Year New You Financial Bootcamp

According to the recent Millennial Mindset on Money Survey conducted by Capital One, more than a quarter (27%) of Millennials say that establishing a solid nest egg would give them the biggest feeling of financial accomplishment. And in order to get that nest egg growing, you’ve got to have your finances in order, right? With that said, are you ready to tackle Nicole Lapin’s New Year New You Bootcamp presented by Capital One? Brought to you by Nicole Lapin, financial expert, Redbook money columnist and the author of the New York Times Best Seller, Rich Bitch: A [...]

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