What the Heck is the Difference Between a 401(k) and an IRA, Anyway??

Both a 401(k) and an IRA are great retirement vehicles, but here’s the deal: there's no one way to get to your dream Endgame. Sure, the 401(k) has long been touted as the best way to save, but it may not be for you! Time to rethink conventional wisdom and think for yourself. First, you gotta know the difference! A 401(k) is a retirement plan established by employers. If you’re at a company that has one, you can make contributions before the money hits your paycheck, and it’s invested in an account with your name on it. People get really excited [...]

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3 Pieces of Unconventional Financial Advice You Can’t Live Without

It’s time to rethink convention and learn to think for yourself. Stop being brainwashed and start making financial decisions for you. Conventional Wisdom #1: Invest in a 401(k). Period. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it is not gospel that you should invest in a 401(k). To clarify, that doesn’t mean it’s not for you; just know that you don’t have to participate just because a 401(k) is offered to you. A 401(k) can be good. It can even be great—but it all depends on you, your debt situation, your goals and your company plan. If your [...]

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How to Handle a Credit Card Dispute Like a Pro

We've all been there. You're going through your online banking statement like the responsible Rich Bitch that you are, when WHAMM-O: you catch a strange charge for $42.50 to some company that you’ve never even heard of. It's easy to panic, but if you want to see your money again, DON'T. Try these five steps instead: Double-check: We all make mistakes, and before you raise hell with your bank, double, even triple check that it’s a legitimate mistake, not an oversight on your part. Check receipts and compare them to your check register. If you don’t find a match, call [...]

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HELP — I Can’t Afford My Taxes!

So you’ve teased out all possible deductions,  sidestepped all of the myths out there and filed your taxes, ON TIME. Go you! Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for your fat refund to come back...right? Well, maybe wrong. If you’re like 2 out of every 10 Americans this year, you’re not getting a refund; you actually owe the government money. Which means it’s time to pay up. Wait—what?? Yep, the onus is on you to pay. But if you can’t, you might still have some options: First of all, you still have to file. Just because [...]

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Don’t Miss These 3 Common Tax Deductions!

YES YOU CAN—get a real tax refund this year. But you have to know how to play the game, and that means going for every possible deduction that makes sense for you. Here’s what to look out for to get the most out of your taxes this year: Child and Dependent Care Credit. The most common way to claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit is to use it for day care expenses for kids younger than 12. But young children aren’t the only individuals who can help you qualify for the credit; there’s also the “Dependent Care” part. If [...]

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5 Common Tax Myths, Debunked

"Taxes" isn’t a 4-letter word, but it might as well be. Yes, it happens every year, but every year seems to feel more confusing and complicated. You’d think we would “know better” as we do our taxes more often, right? Stop breaking out into hives one of these days? Well, chances are, won’t ever feel jazzed to jump into bed with your taxes. So, here’s the truth about tax myths you could have sworn you knew the answer to lastyear, but either forgot or blocked it out of your memory.   If you file an extension, you're more likely to [...]

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3 Amazing Tax Hacks

I say this all the time: women are no longer working in a cubicle culture. Instead of working the traditional 9-to-5 office job, they’re out there getting it, pounding the pavement and making something for themselves. Whether it’s starting our own business, freelancing, or carving out your niche within a larger company, you get the need to be self-sufficient and scrappy. So why on earth wouldn’t you fight Uncle Sam to keep some of that hard-earned cash come Tax Day? Here, three creative ways ladies with an entrepreneurial spirit can save major moolah on their taxes—then turn those savings back [...]

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5 Corporate Scams You Should Slay Today

Even financial experts like myself can fall pray to scams. A few years ago, I was doing research on the best ways to rehab your credit score. I signed up for a few different websites to check my score online...but one in particular, freecreditreport.com, made it so difficult to cancel that before I knew it I had racked up $200 in monthly fees that I didn’t even know I had signed up for. You see, I signed up for the “monthly trial”—but had to enter my credit card information to get it, and the company kept charging me month after [...]

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7 Ways to Boost Your Finances for Under $7

It can feel daunting trying to tackle those financial New Years resolutions, and the last thing you want to do is blow a ton of money getting your budget organized and under control. But sometimes it's the little (and inexpensive!) things that can make a huge impact. Try these 7 nifty ideas for a new year that's fresh, fun, and financially responsible: File folders. Buy them. Not just for the obvious things like bills, tax forms, and receipts, but for those "where do I put this?" things like a copy of your lease, your gym membership contract, and utility agreements. [...]

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