BYOW: Boss Your Own Wallet with These Shopping Tips

BYOW: Boss Your Own Wallet with These Shopping Tips It's important to remember as women, we are the bosses of our lives; we have the final say about our careers, relationships and finances. That's why I've teamed up with Sears to empower all you shoppers out there to "BYOW" (Boss Your Own Wallet) just in time for all of your springtime shopping! We spend hundreds of hours annually shopping for ourselves and our families. Isn't it time we made that investment work for us? After all, we're the bosses of our own lives – we've got work to do! People [...]

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4 Things You Don’t Know About Student Loans…But Should

Student loans. You likely have them; consider yourself extremely lucky if you don’t. Student loans are also technically considered “good debt” because in taking them out, you’re investing in yourself, which, in theory, will give you the tools to pay the debt off many times over. Think of student loans as the avocados of the loan world: like avocados are “good fat,” which nourishes your body, student loans are “good debt,” which expands your knowledge and (hopefully) furthers your career. But like avocados are still fat, student loans are still debt…so don’t gorge on them! Here are four things you [...]

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Shop Smarter, Not Harder

If I were to offer three little words of advice to all of the holiday shoppers out there, it would be: don’t. get. crazy. Trust me, it’s easy to do. I was speaking on this topic during a recent workshop and one woman shared this tale: She had recently landed a job at her dream law firm, and was eager to impress her new boss. So when she got the invitation to the annual office holiday party, she decided to buy her a gift. Not wanting to appear cheap, she dropped $250 on a beautiful Hermes scarf. But there [...]

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How To: Save Major $$ Rocking the Vote!

  I get it: as a boss-lady-in-training, you're super busy. But this election is going to determine a lot of policies — from taxes to student loans — that will have a huge impact on your wallet and your future. So no excuses: gotta get out there and rock the vote! From the best hours to hit the polls to apps that help with finding parking nearby, here are some ways to make sure you get there without putting a major dent in your paycheck: 1. Make sure your voting registration is up to date: Double check your registration status here to make [...]

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#FunGoals: What They Are and Why You Should Have Them

You know by now that I'm a big proponent of building one thing  into your budget: FUN. I wouldn’t confuse this category with frivolity, although I’d like to think that some frivolity is part of every happy life. (“Everything in moderation, including moderation” anyone?) What I’m really suggesting here is that we live to maximize our understanding of what makes a fulfilling life. Maybe you want to take flying lessons or become a black belt in jujitsu or simply spend more time with your family. No judgments on the goals, but let’s lay ’em out there. You want to go on [...]

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How To Plan Your Three F’s—And Live Your Dream Life

Being a Rich Bitch means living the life you want, but you’re not going to get what you want until you figure out what that is. I know, right: "Thanks Captain Obvious." But these are big, serious questions. And that’s why I like to break them down into the basic components, or what I call the Three F’s: Finance, Fun and Family. We’ll take a look at each of these categories and make a plan for setting goals so you can maximize what you want from all three—and live the life you imagine. You might think you know what you [...]

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Why You Can (and SHOULD) Negotiate EVERYTHING

Health insurance is expensive. But do you know what’s even more expensive? Losing your policy and having to sign on with a different provider. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about…because a few years ago, I made this boneheaded mistake myself. When I set out to start my own business, I filed for COBRA, which allowed me to continue the health insurance I had with my last employer as long as I paid the full premium, which was around $600/month. But then—doh!—I made a late payment. I got no mercy, people. The next thing I knew, I was terminated. [...]

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5 Sneaky Hidden Holiday Expenses (and How to Avoid Them!)

Like a smart Rich bitch, you planned your holiday shopping well in advance; made a detailed list so you're not tempted to buy extra items; and stashed a little extra dough every month to prepare for spending. But if I had to guess, I'd say all of this careful planning was for gifts, maybe parties...but not those many other expenses that pile up this time of year, pushing your budget to the max before you even realize what's happening! Here are 5 sneaky hidden expenses to look out for to avoid blowing your budget during the last month of the [...]

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5 Creative Ways to Save on Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Down to the wire on your holiday shopping? That doesn’t mean you have to completely blow your budget…especially not when you’ve been on the financial “Nice List” all year! Resist the temptation to pay a premium for convenience and try these 5 tips for smarter last-minute spending: Cut the clutter: Don’t let your inbox be flooded with daily deals, which will only tempt you to overspend. This time of year especially, we’re all bombarded with offers, newsletters and promos. To stay focused on what you really need when you are online shopping, take a few minutes and click “unsubscribe” at [...]

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3 Tough Truths About Housing that Will Ultimately Make You Feel Happier in Your Home

When I moved from Atlanta to New York City to start my dream job at CNBC, and started looking for apartments, I almost hyperventilated at the prices. Keep in mind, this was during a brutal recession when rental prices had supposedly belly flopped. One-bedrooms I looked at ranged from $3,000 to $5,000...a month. I had to manage my expectations, and fast. So I ended up renting a smaller place in a less fashionable neighborhood, and sticking to my budget. On the one hand, I had to give up charming, brick-lined streets and walking to yummy restaurants. On the other hand, I [...]

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