The Pros and Cons of Buying a House

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the prospect of buying a house comes up. After all, it’s the American Dream! Whether it’s by relatives that (probably) have the best of intentions at heart, or friends that insist that it is the next step in your amazing adulting experience, at some point you’ll wonder if it’s right for you. I get it: buying a house is not just a financial decision. It’s safety. It’s security. It’s psychological. Symbolically it has come to represent the full transition into adulthood. But I also want you to know that for financial safety [...]

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The Best Time to Buy EVERYTHING

Buying new stuff is pretty much unavoidable, which is totally fine–because in the end, your money is there to enjoy! However, if you’re gonna spend, why not do it like a boss? There are times that are better than others to purchase things like plane tickets, cars, and electronics. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the best times to buy: Food: Many grocery stores begin their weekly coupon programs on Wednesdays, which makes it an ideal time to go shopping and grab some deals. Remember though that buying in bulk normally doesn’t save you that much money; and the [...]

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Spring Forward Your Moolah

It’s almost officially spring, and I’m just as excited as you about sunshine and...well, sunshine. Aside from that...who’s ready for a little spring cleaning?! We already changed our clocks, and now it's time to spring forward in our money lives, too. Decluttering and organizing your life and finances will put you in the right state of mind to conquer warmer days ahead. ‘Cause what fun is enjoying the sunshine if you’re stressing about money?     Take a financial selfie...stat: Still receiving bills in the mail? Constantly forgetting which Friday you’re supposed to pay your cellphone bill? Take a quick financial selfie [...]

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The Rich Bitch Guide to Renting Like a Pro

When I first moved to Atlanta to start anchoring at CNN, I made a classic financial mistake: I took on more home than I could afford. On my own and making what I thought was a considerable salary, I opted for a spacious two-bedroom apartment in a posh neighborhood...despite the fact that it was just me living there and it added a good 20 minutes to my commute. One year later, I was struggling to keep up with my rent payments each month, and constantly cutting it close to meetings due to traffic. OOPS. I get it, there are few [...]

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Quiz – Should a Rich Bitch Buy a House ?

When it comes to financial planning, that is the question. The relative merits of buying a home vs. renting one are one of the biggest debates out there right now. If you haven’t already noticed, owning a home is almost universally considered a good thing. You’ll hear it touted by your favorite spewers of conventional financial wisdom. After all, it's the American dream! Or so they say. It’s the white picket fence, keeping up with the Joneses shit. It's understood as a sign that you've got it together, that you're "adulting" like a pro. It’s the "apple pie" of money [...]

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