The Dirty Shopping Habit Many of Us Have (But No One Talks About!)

We've talked about shopping a lot here on, and I'm usually the first to say that shopping is totally fine — as long as you build it into your budget, and make sure that your "fun" money doesn't exceed 15% of your overall budget. But the ease of online shopping and mobile shopping apps can make what was already an age-old temptation to overspend unbearable. If your palms are getting sweaty just thinking about online shopping, you might have a problem. Yeah, YOU. How do you know?? Ask yourself these three questions right now to determine if you're a compulsive [...]

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4 Creative Ways to Go on a Spending Freeze with Your Besties!

I’m not going to hunt you down to make sure you’re keeping track of all of your expenses in your LBD (Little Budget Diary), conquering your debt once and for all, or saving for retirement the smart way. That’s on you. But one sure fire way to stay on track is to develop a community of other women (or men, of course) who’ve admitted that they, too, have a financial problem. Commiserate with them, lean on them, and ask them for help, too. In fact, help each other. Create a support system. Agree to go on a spending freeze together. [...]

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6 Sneaky Ways to Save on Summer F-U-N

Summertime and the livin's easy — but also, expensive. As we hit warmer temps and Summer Fridays give way to weekends out with friends, it's easy to get sucked into overspending. Here's how to save on your fav summer activities while learning a few things about your area, too! Biking: Wanna go for a bike ride with the family, but you don’t actually own a bike? Spinlister is the site that lets you rent bikes from people in your area. The company verifies details and photos for quality, price, and accuracy, and then prospective bikers can search by location, bike size, and type to [...]

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The Rich Bitch Guide to Making Money on the Side

When I was at CNN, I made extra money on the side by selling all my old clothes on eBay. Being thrifty by nature, I saw dollar signs in things other people might have given or thrown away. So to realize that value, I opened up an eBay store. No, I wasn’t going to leave my job to become an eBay seller (although, plenty of women do and make a killing). It was just a hobby, albeit a lucrative one. And if I ever had thoughts to the contrary, the one time a man asked me for a photo of [...]

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