Quiz – Are you a Shopaholic?

I like using steps for anything I try to accomplish, especially in the realm of money stuff, because it prevents you from having an anxiety attack when you don’t accomplish everything all in one day. Like with learning any new skill, things need to be broken down into steps so that you’re doing one thing at a time. When I did my taxes for the first time, I didn’t set aside one day to do them. I set aside an entire month. Day one: uncrinkle my receipts. That was it. Success! If I had told myself I needed to sit [...]

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Quiz – Should a Rich Bitch Buy a House ?

When it comes to financial planning, that is the question. The relative merits of buying a home vs. renting one are one of the biggest debates out there right now. If you haven’t already noticed, owning a home is almost universally considered a good thing. You’ll hear it touted by your favorite spewers of conventional financial wisdom. After all, it's the American dream! Or so they say. It’s the white picket fence, keeping up with the Joneses shit. It's understood as a sign that you've got it together, that you're "adulting" like a pro. It’s the "apple pie" of money [...]

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