Shop Smarter, Not Harder

If I were to offer three little words of advice to all of the holiday shoppers out there, it would be: don’t. get. crazy. Trust me, it’s easy to do. I was speaking on this topic during a recent workshop and one woman shared this tale: She had recently landed a job at her dream law firm, and was eager to impress her new boss. So when she got the invitation to the annual office holiday party, she decided to buy her a gift. Not wanting to appear cheap, she dropped $250 on a beautiful Hermes scarf. But there [...]

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3 Clever Ways to Spend Smarter This Holiday Season

I understand; this time of year is sentimental (and prices on everything from holiday decorations to food to gifts reflect that). But it’s just not worth it to derail your budget in the very last month of the year when you’ve been so good leading up to it. Here are a few ways to gift smarter this year without looking like a Grinch: Get Personal. When it comes to elevating your gift-giving game, it’s about putting in the extra effort—not the extra dough. Take the time to find gifts that are specific, inexpensive and special for each recipient. I can [...]

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3 Smart Ways to Game Flash Sales

Online flash sales can offer some steep discounts on your favorite clothes, accessories, and electronics — but can also drain your wallet if you're not careful. And as with everything in life: do not accept the sticker price, even if it is a discounted one! There are plenty of ways to save even more and get the most out of your online shopping. Here are three of my favorite tricks: 1. If you have a coupon or discount code that has expired, don’t trash it. Call customer service. In many cases they’d rather honor the expired discount that leads to a sale than [...]

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The Most Genius Ways to Transform Your Going-Out Clothes for Work

Take a peek in your closet and I bet you'll find a lot of cute tops, sexy LBDs, and form-fitting jeans that keep you looking and feeling great all weekend long. But there's just one problem that unfortunately many women don't understand: this fabulous wardrobe of going-out clothes is not appropriate for the workplace, and failing to get that could actually hamper your career. A recent study showed that women in high-level positions who dress in what is seen as "sexy" attire are viewed as less competent, regardless of their actual skill sets. These women are passed over for promotions more often than [...]

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Quiz – Are you a Shopaholic?

I like using steps for anything I try to accomplish, especially in the realm of money stuff, because it prevents you from having an anxiety attack when you don’t accomplish everything all in one day. Like with learning any new skill, things need to be broken down into steps so that you’re doing one thing at a time. When I did my taxes for the first time, I didn’t set aside one day to do them. I set aside an entire month. Day one: uncrinkle my receipts. That was it. Success! If I had told myself I needed to sit [...]

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