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The Boss Bitch Guide To F-Words: Family, Fertility, And Finance

The Boss Bitch Guide To F-Words: Family, Fertility, And Finance

Anyone who has spent even ten minutes around me knows that I love “F” words. It makes sense, as the only money expert out there who swears (just look at the titles of my last two books…). But as much as I love the “F” word, there are a few more which are near and dear to my heart, and which we’ll go over in this guide: Family, Fertility, and Finance. These are three of the most taboo “F” words around. So we’re gonna go there. Because in order to be truly in control of your life—to truly be the boss of you— it’s not enough to have a handle on your career or even your business: you need to take control of your family situation, too.

Whether you have a partner or not, it’s important to plan out your personal life in the same way that you plan out your career. And this guide is here to help you fast-track your personal path to family without derailing your career (and vise versa).

Download now and you’ll get:

  • Tips for mapping out your family and relationship goals against your career and money goals, including a super helpful flow chart and a 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10-year goal setting exercise to set you on your way.
  • A straight-talk breakdown of the many contraceptive options out there, from IUDs to abstinence, as well as fertility choices, including freezing your eggs and embryos, to help you take your reproductive future into your own hands.
  • The real deal cost of childcare (gulp!) and creative ways to cut costs (and make more money!) without compromising your child’s safety or your career, including becoming a mom-preneur.
  • ….and more of the plain English money advice you’ve come to expect from Rich Bitch and now Boss Bitch. Because you deserve to live the life you’ve imagined in every sense of the word.