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3 Financial Tricks to Watch Out For

True story: I didn’t check my credit report until I was 25 years old. Not one single time. As a budding financial journalist reporting from the floor of the Chicago(Read more)

The Case for Your Morning Pumpkin Spice Latte

If there is one investment I suggest over and over again, it’s this: invest in yourself. Of course, bonds and mutual funds can be great ways to grow your money(Read more)

What the Heck is the Difference Between an FSA and an HSA, Anyway?! (And Why You Should Have One)

Americans spend over twice as much per capita on healthcare as the average developed country does, at an average of $8,508 per person per year. That adds up to $2.8 trillion, or(Read more)

Are You a Financial Scaredy-Cat?

On my very first day reporting from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, I wasn’t nervous. I had done all of my homework, researched the market trends for that(Read more)

3 Ways to Raise Money if You Don’t Know Mark Cuban

So here’s the scenario: You’ve got a great idea—like, a really good idea. You’re passionate about it and ready to jump into the world of entrepreneurship like a boss, except(Read more)

What You Don’t Know About Student Loans…But Should

Student loans. You likely have them; consider yourself extremely lucky if you don’t. Student loans are also technically considered “good debt” because in taking them out, you’re investing in yourself,(Read more)

The “C” Word: 5 Things to Know About Your Credit Score

It’s like an old boyfriend: can’t live with it, can’t live without it. “It” is your credit score, and if you plan to borrow money at some point in life—whether(Read more)

Your Credit: Which Score is ACTUALLY the Loneliest Number?

While your credit score ranges from 300 to 850, there is one exception to the rule: a credit score of 0. Yep, goose egg. Nada. You get one of these from having(Read more)

6 Common What-Ifs for Newbie Investors (and How to Handle ’em)

You want to be emotional? Be that way about your man, your children, yourself, your shoes—anything but your money. Here are some common fears when it comes to investing, and how(Read more)

How to Invest in Real Estate (Without Owning Actual Property!)

Real estate is either a great investment or a terrible investment, depending on who you ask. It all depends on what you are buying and where you are buying it. Whether you(Read more)

3 Ways to Slay Your Debt Once and For All

I was so freaked out that I would be broke forever when I was 20 years old making 20k/year and in almost as much credit card debt. But, I got(Read more)

What the Heck is the Difference Between a 401(k) and an IRA, Anyway??

Both a 401(k) and an IRA are great retirement vehicles, but here’s the deal: there’s no one way to get to your dream Endgame. Sure, the 401(k) has long been(Read more)

4 Creative Ways to Go on a Spending Freeze with Your Besties!

I’m not going to hunt you down to make sure you’re keeping track of all of your expenses in your LBD (Little Budget Diary), conquering your debt once and for(Read more)

5 Things Never to Buy Used

I’m all about saving some dough at the local flea market, and there is a ton of stuff that you can score for cheap used. But buyer beware: purchasing some things(Read more)

6 Sneaky Ways to Save on Summer F-U-N

Summertime and the livin’s easy — but also, expensive. As we hit warmer temps and Summer Fridays give way to weekends out with friends, it’s easy to get sucked into overspending.(Read more)

How to Check In on the Best Deal on Hotel Rooms

Traveling is expensive: Americans spend $137 per night on average for hotel rooms alone, not to mention food, souvenirs, and the transportation to get there. But if you’re overpaying for(Read more)

3 Pieces of Unconventional Financial Advice You Can’t Live Without

It’s time to rethink convention and learn to think for yourself. Stop being brainwashed and start making financial decisions for you. Conventional Wisdom #1: Invest in a 401(k). Period. I’ve(Read more)

The Real Deal on the “R” Word: Refinancing

Refinancing is just a fancy word for negotiating a lower rate on your mortgage. The idea is to go to your bank and figure out a good give-and-take to make(Read more)

How to Handle a Credit Card Dispute Like a Pro

We’ve all been there. You’re going through your online banking statement like the responsible Rich Bitch that you are, when WHAMM-O: you catch a strange charge for $42.50 to some(Read more)

3 Smart Ways to Game Flash Sales

Online flash sales can offer some steep discounts on your favorite clothes, accessories, and electronics — but can also drain your wallet if you’re not careful. And as with everything in(Read more)

Why Leasing a Car is (Almost) ALWAYS a Terrible Idea

A recent Forbes survey found that purchasing a car is one of the most expensive—and most stressful—expenses in a typical person’s lifetime, right up there with a home, children, and(Read more)

HELP — I Can’t Afford My Taxes!

So you’ve teased out all possible deductions, sidestepped all of the myths out there and filed your taxes, ON TIME. Go you! Now all you need to do is sit back(Read more)

Sneaky Homebuying Fees that You Never Get Back

I bet you’ve heard this before: “Renting is like throwing money away!” Well, I couldn’t disagree more. That’s like saying that you are throwing money away buying food because when you eat(Read more)

The Pros and Cons of Buying a House

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the prospect of buying a house comes up. After all, it’s the American Dream! Whether it’s by relatives that (probably) have the(Read more)

Don’t Miss These 3 Common Tax Deductions!

YES YOU CAN – get a real tax refund this year. But you have to know how to play the game, and that means going for every possible deduction that(Read more)

5 Common Tax Myths, Debunked

“Taxes” isn’t a 4-letter word, but it might as well be. Yes, it happens every year, but every year seems to feel more confusing and complicated. You’d think we would(Read more)

The Best Time to Buy EVERYTHING

Buying new stuff is pretty much unavoidable, which is totally fine–because in the end, your money is there to enjoy! However, if you’re gonna spend, why not do it like(Read more)

3 Amazing Tax Hacks

I say this all the time: women are no longer working in a cubicle culture. Instead of working the traditional 9-to-5 office job, they’re out there getting it, pounding the(Read more)

You CAN and SHOULD Negotiate Your Medical Bills

If you’ve received a medical bill recently, then what I’m about to say likely won’t come as a surprise: in the United States, we spend A LOT on healthcare. In(Read more)

Spring Forward Your Moolah

It’s almost officially spring, and I’m just as excited as you about sunshine and…well, sunshine. Aside from that…who’s ready for a little spring cleaning?! We already changed our clocks, and now(Read more)

The Guide to Renting Like a Pro

When I first moved to Atlanta to start anchoring at CNN, I made a classic financial mistake: I took on more home than I could afford. On my own and(Read more)

The Rich Bitch Guide to Making Money on the Side

When I was at CNN, I made extra money on the side by selling all my old clothes on eBay. Being thrifty by nature, I saw dollar signs in things(Read more)

3 Secrets of the Self-Employed

In 2011, I took a big risk: I left CNBC, a major network with all of the resources and big media perks in the world, to start my own production(Read more)

5 Corporate Scams You Should Slay Today

Even financial experts like myself can fall pray to scams. A few years ago, I was doing research on the best ways to rehab your credit score. I signed up(Read more)

A Woman’s Guide to Getting a Raise

A recent study showed that while 83% of millennial women agree that it’s important to negotiate salary and/or benefits package, only 41% negotiated any part! But when we (women) don’t(Read more)

7 Ways to Boost Your Finances for Under $7

It can feel daunting trying to tackle those financial New Years resolutions, and the last thing you want to do is blow a ton of money getting your budget organized(Read more)

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