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Last Minute Tax Tips for Late Filers

It’s probably something you’ve wondered about before: just what happens when you miss the tax filing deadline? I get it, sometimes certain things just fall through the cracks. In this(Read more)

5 Ways to Boost Your Financial Wellness

Now that January is over, I have to ask — how are those financial resolutions coming along? It takes about 3-4 weeks to create a new habit, so hopefully, the(Read more)

5 Financial Resolutions That Are Almost Fun to Keep

You have to be honest with yourself if you want to take control of your finances. It’s like going to the gym to get in shape but lying about what(Read more)

The Top 5 Ways to Stick To A Budget For Holiday Shopping!

This post is sponsored by Zelle®. Time and money. We all need more of those two things all the time but most especially during this time of year. My mission:(Read more)

10 Retirement Tips

Finally starting to think about retirement, but no idea where to start? Or maybe you’re a bit closer to riding off into the retirement sunset, but aren’t sure you saved(Read more)

QUIZ: Should you buy or rent a home?

If you’re dead set on buying a home, here’s a quiz to see if you are considering everything. Remember that housing should make up about 35% of your overall monthly(Read more)

6 Things Early Tax Filers Need to Know

Early filing: The earlier you file your taxes, the earlier you can get your refund back. If you have your paperwork ready (W-2s from your employer to report any wage(Read more)

How To: Find Your Side Hustle Sweet Spot

You clearly know how to hustle. But do you know how to “side hustle?” It’s a popular phrase in today’s work world because it’s a popular thing to do. A(Read more)

7 Steps to Recover from a Holiday Spending Hangover

It’s an easy thing to do: blow your entire month’s budget on holiday shopping, festive outfits, and dining out. Trust me: I’ve been there, too. It wasn’t until I graduated(Read more)

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

If I were to offer three little words of advice to all of the holiday shoppers out there, it would be: don’t. get. crazy. Trust me, it’s easy to do.(Read more)

When it Comes to Investing, Confidence is Key

Here’s why you should care about investing: because stashing your money under a mattress is ridiculous. Not only because it doesn’t make you money, but because you actually lose money. Yes, you lose money. No,(Read more)

7 Ways to Spot Unwanted Charges on Your Credit Card

We talk a lot around here about monitoring your spending for your wallet’s sake—but it’s a security thing, too. Sometimes, errors happen by accident: the store clerk entered the wrong amount(Read more)

If You Only Do 6 Things to Protect Your Financial Future, Do These!

As Rich Bitches, we love to plan: our outfits, our weekends, and (of course) our killer career moves. But we’re not always as on-the-ball about planning for our finances down(Read more)

The 5 Best Apps for Your Financial Health

There’s a ton of research out there about how your finances affect your health. In fact, I did a whole segment with my buddy Dr. Oz about how your shopping(Read more)

Why You Can (and SHOULD) Negotiate EVERYTHING

People think that whenever they get a bill from any official looking source, it’s set in stone. It’s not. No bill is. Never assume you’re stuck with what you’re offered(Read more)

How Often Should You REALLY Be Checking Your Budget?

A recent study showed that 19% of women think of sex daily, if not several times per day, and two-thirds of women surveyed were thinkin’ about it at least on(Read more)

The Dirty Shopping Habit Many of Us Have (But No One Talks About!)

We’ve talked about shopping a lot here on NicoleLapin.com, and I’m usually the first to say that shopping is totally fine — as long as you build it into your(Read more)

New Year New You Financial Bootcamp

According to the recent Millennial Mindset on Money Survey conducted by Capital One, more than a quarter (27%) of Millennials say that establishing a solid nest egg would give them(Read more)

How To: Recover From a Spending Hangover

It’s an easy thing to do: blow your entire month’s budget on holiday shopping, festive outfits, and dining out. Trust me: I’ve been there, too. It wasn’t until I had(Read more)

5 Sneaky Hidden Holiday Expenses (and How to Avoid Them!)

You planned your holiday shopping well in advance; made a detailed list so you’re not tempted to buy extra items; and stashed a little extra dough every month to prepare(Read more)

5 Creative Ways to Save on Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Down to the wire on your holiday shopping? That doesn’t mean you have to completely blow your budget, especially not when you’ve been on the financial “Nice List” all year!(Read more)

3 Tough Truths About Housing that Will Ultimately Make You Feel Happier in Your Home

When I moved from Atlanta to New York City to start my dream job at CNBC, and started looking for apartments, I almost hyperventilated at the prices. Keep in mind, this(Read more)

How to Car Shop Like a Pro

Need a new car? Sick of your old wheels? Repeat after me: always buy used. Relax, it’s not embarrassing at ALL. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, is worth an estimated(Read more)

How To: Organize Your Paper Trail STAT!

If you’re a cash-only person and you don’t hang on to old bills, stop it! Ask for receipts to help you track where the money is really going. And don’t crumple them and(Read more)

3 Things You Don’t Know About Your Income (But Should)

Money might not be so easy to earn, but it is easy to calculate. What comes in is your “income” (duh). But, as you’ve probably noticed from your pay stubs, the money(Read more)

Post-Divorce Boot Camp

So you want to look like a hot divorcée—you might as well act like one, too. You may still be getting used to your life as a single lady, but(Read more)

10 Holiday Savings Ideas You Haven’t Heard Of (But Should…)

I understand; this time of year is sentimental (and prices on everything from holiday decorations to food to gifts reflect that). But it’s just not worth it to derail your(Read more)

5 Sneaky (But Totally Legal!) Ways to Reduce College Costs

What I’m going to say shouldn’t surprise you: college is expensive. In fact, according to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2014–2015 school year(Read more)

What’s the Deal With Those Banking Booths, Anyway?! (And How to Choose One That’s Right For You)

If you’ve been getting the feeling that those pop-up banking booths are everywhere on college and university campuses lately, you’re not seeing things. Banks prey upon college students. Why? Because(Read more)

3 Things You Should Know About Retirement…NOW

You know you should get going on saving for retirement, but you think “there’s time.” Well, maybe. But that depends on what kind of life you want to live when you retire.(Read more)

7 Bitches Who Are Always Broke

Are you one of these people, or know someone who is? Let me be clear. Being a Rich Bitch is good. (Rich Bitches are the good kinda bitches, like Glinda(Read more)

3 Personal Finance Myths…BUSTED

Myth: “Makeup is a ‘luxury’ item.Nicole says: Makeup is a work investmentGet this: a team of Harvard researchers found recently that wearing a moderate amount of makeup makes your colleagues(Read more)

3 Financial Tricks to Watch Out For

True story: I didn’t check my credit report until I was 25 years old. Not one single time. As a budding financial journalist reporting from the floor of the Chicago(Read more)

The Case for Your Morning Pumpkin Spice Latte

If there is one investment I suggest over and over again, it’s this: invest in yourself. Of course, bonds and mutual funds can be great ways to grow your money(Read more)

What the Heck is the Difference Between an FSA and an HSA, Anyway?! (And Why You Should Have One)

Americans spend over twice as much per capita on healthcare as the average developed country does, at an average of $8,508 per person per year. That adds up to $2.8 trillion, or(Read more)

Are You a Financial Scaredy-Cat?

On my very first day reporting from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, I wasn’t nervous. I had done all of my homework, researched the market trends for that(Read more)

3 Ways to Raise Money if You Don’t Know Mark Cuban

So here’s the scenario: You’ve got a great idea—like, a really good idea. You’re passionate about it and ready to jump into the world of entrepreneurship like a boss, except(Read more)

What You Don’t Know About Student Loans…But Should

Student loans. You likely have them; consider yourself extremely lucky if you don’t. Student loans are also technically considered “good debt” because in taking them out, you’re investing in yourself,(Read more)

The “C” Word: 5 Things to Know About Your Credit Score

It’s like an old boyfriend: can’t live with it, can’t live without it. “It” is your credit score, and if you plan to borrow money at some point in life—whether(Read more)

Your Credit: Which Score is ACTUALLY the Loneliest Number?

While your credit score ranges from 300 to 850, there is one exception to the rule: a credit score of 0. Yep, goose egg. Nada. You get one of these from having(Read more)

6 Common What-Ifs for Newbie Investors (and How to Handle ’em)

You want to be emotional? Be that way about your man, your children, yourself, your shoes—anything but your money. Here are some common fears when it comes to investing, and how(Read more)

How to Invest in Real Estate (Without Owning Actual Property!)

Real estate is either a great investment or a terrible investment, depending on who you ask. It all depends on what you are buying and where you are buying it. Whether you(Read more)

3 Ways to Slay Your Debt Once and For All

I was so freaked out that I would be broke forever when I was 20 years old making 20k/year and in almost as much credit card debt. But, I got(Read more)

What the Heck is the Difference Between a 401(k) and an IRA, Anyway??

Both a 401(k) and an IRA are great retirement vehicles, but here’s the deal: there’s no one way to get to your dream Endgame. Sure, the 401(k) has long been(Read more)

4 Creative Ways to Go on a Spending Freeze with Your Besties!

I’m not going to hunt you down to make sure you’re keeping track of all of your expenses in your LBD (Little Budget Diary), conquering your debt once and for(Read more)

5 Things Never to Buy Used

I’m all about saving some dough at the local flea market, and there is a ton of stuff that you can score for cheap used. But buyer beware: purchasing some things(Read more)

6 Sneaky Ways to Save on Summer F-U-N

Summertime and the livin’s easy — but also, expensive. As we hit warmer temps and Summer Fridays give way to weekends out with friends, it’s easy to get sucked into overspending.(Read more)

How to Check In on the Best Deal on Hotel Rooms

Traveling is expensive: Americans spend $137 per night on average for hotel rooms alone, not to mention food, souvenirs, and the transportation to get there. But if you’re overpaying for(Read more)

3 Pieces of Unconventional Financial Advice You Can’t Live Without

It’s time to rethink convention and learn to think for yourself. Stop being brainwashed and start making financial decisions for you. Conventional Wisdom #1: Invest in a 401(k). Period. I’ve(Read more)

The Real Deal on the “R” Word: Refinancing

Refinancing is just a fancy word for negotiating a lower rate on your mortgage. The idea is to go to your bank and figure out a good give-and-take to make(Read more)

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