This is Taxes

Marriage? Give Me A (Tax) Break

So, I hear you got married. Congrats! And you’re filing your taxes jointly for the first time, and want to know more about how to do that! Is that right?(Read more)

WTF are Capital Gains

I don’t need to tell you that taxes are a big fucking deal. They can make a huge difference in making or breaking your wealth. Let’s say you made a(Read more)

Five Tax Tips For Freelancers

With the job losses and unemployment numbers this year, freelance work has replaced full-time staff positions for many people. This means that, with the gig economy already in full swing,(Read more)

New Tax Things To Know This Year

There have been a lot of personal changes the past year because of the pandemic. Some of us have moved states and taken on more freelance work. People have had(Read more)

What The New Presidency Means For You

Big changes are happening this year—many of them because of the new presidency. The Biden Administration will affect different people in different ways, but there are some important financial changes(Read more)

Making the Most of Your Taxes

Dipping your toes into the entrepreneurial waters by deciding to work for yourself or taking on a side-job in addition to your regular 9-5 can be oh-so-exciting! It can also(Read more)

IRS Penalties for Filing/Paying Late

Here’s a strange-but-true story for ya: Al Capone was one of the most notorious American mobsters of the 20th century, but the FBI struggled to pin any actual crimes on(Read more)

Last Minute Tax Tips for Late Filers

It’s probably something you’ve wondered about before: just what happens when you miss the tax filing deadline? I get it, sometimes certain things just fall through the cracks. In this(Read more)

Don’t Miss These 3 Common Tax Deductions!

YES YOU CAN – get a real tax refund this year. But you have to know how to play the game, and that means going for every possible deduction that(Read more)

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