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How to Say ‘No’ to Unnecessary Parenting Obligations

I get it. You have an insane job? Five kids? Maybe want to workout or even sit down for dinner once in a while? Whatever it is that’s occupying your(Read more)

#FamGoals: How (and Why) to Plan Your Love Life the Same Way You Plan Your Finances

It’s such a personal question, but you’ll get it all the time. And even if you hate being asked, you’ll probably end up answering anyway: “Do you want to get(Read more)

We Want Prenup, We Want Prenup! (But What the Heck is it, Anyway?!)

I used to think that if you wanted a prenup (short for “prenuptial agreement”) then you were in the wrong headspace for marriage. I mean, thinking about doomsday before you(Read more)

What His Dating Style Says About His Money

As your relationship gets more serious, I’m all about having The Talk to make sure you are financially compatible. But even before that, in the early stages of a relationship,(Read more)

Do These 3 Money Things With Your Sig-O Now

For many couples, talking about money can be tricky. But if you live together or share any finances, it’s essential to have consistent check-ins about where you are dollar-wise to(Read more)

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