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Download The Rich Bitch Guide to Love and Money

ebookCoverHey, I love love as much as the next girl, but there is nothing that can derail a relationship faster than squabbling over money. In fact, arguments over finances are the #1 leading cause for divorce—more than cheating and disagreements over any other subject. I’m not saying this to scare you, but to remind you how crucial it is to have The Talk about your finances and financial goals with your partner before taking the next step…whatever that next step might be. And this guide will help!

Download now and you’ll get:

  • Tips for when, where, and how to have The Talk with your partner about money
  • A question and answer exercise designed to get you thinking about long-term financial goals as a single gal or a happy couple
  • A straight-talk recovery plan for surviving—and thriving—financially during and after divorce
  • ….and more of the plain English money advice you’ve come to expect from Rich Bitch. Because every girl—and every girl’s bank account—deserves a happy ending.