Empathy Marketing with The Honest Company’s Co-Founder Christopher Gavigan

On this episode of the Boss School Podcast, I talk to The Honest Company CPO and co-founder Christopher Gavigan about empathy marketing and how to use it to be successful. Being empathetic starts within yourself, your brand and ultimately how you communicate your brand’s message.

Nicole Lapin and The Honest Company co-founder Christopher Gavigan - The Boss School Podcast

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As the CPO, Christopher really understands every aspect of the product and is responsible for a lot of customer interaction. Here are his secrets to empathy marketing:

  • Call your customers.
  • Apologize quickly.
  • Customers can tell how you treat your employees.

Empathy Marketing with The Honest Company's Co-Founder Christopher Gavigan

Christopher still calls ten customers every week. He even gave out his phone number on this show! Beyond understanding how to be empathetic yourself, you need to make a concerted effort to connect with your customer base.

It’s during these interactions that you can learn more about what the customer wants, get ahead of problems and challenges, and increase the visibility and transparency of your company.

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Finally, he speaks to how valuable customer feedback really is to shaping and improving the product. If you can show that you are an empathetic company, you really don’t need to do any marketing. The customer interacting in and of itself acts as marketing.

And be intentional about the design. People love beautiful things. Your countertop product needs to be counter-top worthy. Energize your customers to show off and share your products. Show them you care about their needs and you will have a loyal base—even if it’s only 1,000—for life.

Topics Covered:

  • A good company should open up and be transparent.
  • There will be failures along the way, and you need to react fast.
  • The science and technicalities matter.
  • Talking to customers is a key part of marketing.
  • Your employees should be your most enthusiastic fans.
  • Challenging your product team to be uber-creative and innovative.
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