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10 Retirement Tips

Finally starting to think about retirement, but no idea where to start? Or maybe you’re a bit closer to riding off into the retirement sunset, but aren’t sure you saved enough for what you have planned for your golden years. Even if you’re frugal with your money in retirement, you should still expect your expenses to be at least 60% of what they are now–and most people should probably aim to have enough savings to cover 80% of what they currently spend. More than half of people ages 55 and older have less than $10,000 saved for retirement...and 34% don’t [...]

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10 Things (I Think) I’ve Learned

1. You can read tabloids and The Economist. 🤓 2. You should read Vanity Fair. 3. Laugh often with others. 4. Laugh more often at yourself. 5. It’s okay to laugh at dirty jokes. 6. It’s okay to swear — on occasion. 7. Marrying for money should make you sick. 8. Stop dating when you find love, but never stop dating yourself. 💕 9. Expect the unexpected. 10. Zig when people expect you to zag. —

By | February 23rd, 2018|Nicole's Note|

10 Things (I Think) I’ve Learned

1. Smile at strangers even if they think you’re strange. 🙃 2. Stop smiling & nodding when you don’t understand cocktail party conversation. 3. Being smart is sexy, asking smart questions is sexier. 4. Stop waiting for your turn to talk when you should be listening. 5. Take classes that have nothing to do with your job. 6. If you haven’t already, forget your GPA. 7. Buy your produce from farmers markets. 8. Be able to pronounce everything you eat. 9. It’s never too cold to pack flip flops. 10. It’s never too warm to drink coffee. ☕ —

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Nicole This Week: Access Hollywood Live, 40 Under 40 Gala!

This week we saw our Boss Lady Lapin appear on Access Hollywood Live to discuss 5 things you shouldn't say at work, including some pointers on how not to word an important e-mail and how to break the bad habit of saying "I'm sorry" when you haven't actually done anything wrong. Stay tuned for the full interview! Have you got your copy of "BOSS BITCH"? If not, helloooo what are you waiting for? Order now!     Reuniting with @nmoralesnbc and @kithoover on @accessonline got me like... A post shared by Nicole Lapin (@nicolelapin) on Jan 19, 2018 at 2:09pm [...]

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QUIZ: How much investing heat can you handle?

The risk that you are able to stomach in your everyday life typically translates into the heat you can handle in the investment world. To find out what your risk tolerance is, take this quiz: How much heat should you handle? Now, you might consider yourself a thrillist, but should you act that way in the market? Maybe. Maybe not. That depends mostly on your age, but also when you need your money, how much money you can afford to lose and what you want to get with the money you invest. For some basic guidelines for the [...]

By | January 12th, 2018|Investing|

QUIZ: Should you buy or rent a home?

If you’re dead set on buying a home, here’s a quiz to see if you are considering everything. Remember that housing should make up about 35% of your overall monthly budget. As such, it’s damn important to the overall success of your whole financial life. Let’s assume you are looking at buying a $250,000 house (BTW, I used that figure for quick math, but you can easily gauge your particular numbers based off it): Do you have $50,000 in the bank for a down payment? Do you have roughly $5,000 to $10,000 for other stuff like real estate taxes and [...]

By | January 12th, 2018|Budgeting|

QUIZ: Is your business actually growing or are you just gaining traction?

Of course, the most important ingredient to stepping it up a notch is growth. Don’t get me wrong, Boss Bitches got nothing against gaining traction. But I’m talking about real growth here. It sounds so obvious, but you have to ask yourself: is your baby really growing or is it just putting on some pounds that look like growth? To find out, answer these questions honestly: While growth rates vary from week-to-week, are your sales year over year seeing positive growth? Is that growth more than 1-3%? Are your customers reliable repeat loyal customers? Do you not only have money [...]

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QUIZ: Is your idea a jobby or just a hobby?

Is your hobby something that is a career for other people? If “yes,” does that career make money that you could subsist on with a lifestyle similar to what you have now? Do you have enough money for the costs it will take to turn the hobby into a career without taking on debt? Are you confident that you can do the less exciting parts of the hobby when turning it into a business (i.e. sourcing, bookkeeping), day in and day out? Are you someone who stays focused without getting distracted or antsy and easily bored? If you answered “yes” [...]

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BYOW: Boss Your Own Wallet with These Shopping Tips

It's important to remember as women, we are the bosses of our lives; we have the final say about our careers, relationships and finances. That's why I've teamed up with Sears to empower all you shoppers out there to "BYOW" (Boss Your Own Wallet) just in time for all of your springtime shopping! We spend hundreds of hours annually shopping for ourselves and our families. Isn't it time we made that investment work for us? After all, we're the bosses of our own lives – we've got work to do! People always ask me for tips to better manage their [...]

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