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7 Steps to Recover from a Holiday Spending Hangover

It’s an easy thing to do: blow your entire month’s budget on holiday shopping, festive outfits, and dining out. Trust me: I’ve been there, too. It wasn’t until I graduated from college and landed my dream job at CNN that I got my first credit card. I was raised in an immigrant family, where cash was queen and debt was just not okay. The trouble was, I hadn’t experienced the perils of interest before, and by that first holiday season in Atlanta, not only was I broke—I owed $5,000 on my credit card. Ouch. Those random purchases made here [...]

By | January 5th, 2017|Featured, Finance 101|

$$ Word Of The Week

Today's $$ Word: Inflation. The slow and steady upward creep of prices for goods and services, and, as a result, the decline of purchasing power. Stuff gets more expensive over time, and therefore people can’t buy as much. Inflation is expected to grow 3% per year, which is why making more than that by investing is so important; otherwise, your money will be worth less tomorrow than it is today.

By | December 11th, 2016|Word of the Week|

How To: Make Small Talk Work BIG for You

This might come as a surprise from a major network news anchor, but I hate to, well, network. I’m an introvert at heart, and the thought of putting myself out there in a room full of people I don’t know makes me feel totally freaked out and out of control. Which is why, as dorky as it sounds, I like to plan ahead before I go, whether “there” is a room full of finance wonks or a one-on-one dinner with one of my she-ros (I have many!). Here are some of my favorite tips for crushing your next networking [...]

By | December 8th, 2016|Career, Featured|

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

If I were to offer three little words of advice to all of the holiday shoppers out there, it would be: don’t. get. crazy. Trust me, it’s easy to do. I was speaking on this topic during a recent workshop and one woman shared this tale: She had recently landed a job at her dream law firm, and was eager to impress her new boss. So when she got the invitation to the annual office holiday party, she decided to buy her a gift. Not wanting to appear cheap, she dropped $250 on a beautiful Hermes scarf. But there [...]

By | December 6th, 2016|Featured, Living, Style|

How To: Be a Productivity Boss

Time is money, baby, so of course I love anything that makes me more efficient. Think of yourself as a lawyer would: your time is valuable, and you have billable hours. You only get 24, so make ‘em count! Here are four ways to boost your productivity and work smarter, not harder. Rethink multitasking. We’ve all been guilty of trying to do way too many things at one time, which normally leads to a less-than-stellar performance across the board. Rethink it. Instead of breaking your train of thought while working on a presentation to jump over to shoot off a [...]

By | March 23rd, 2016|Career, Featured|

Work Smarter

You know what they say: time is money. And here at I'm all about saving you a little (or a lot!) of both. Getting ahead isn't just about going to networking events or asking for a raise (although those things are definitely important, too!). It's also about being your most organized, on-point self and laying an early foundation for success. So this week, I share four ways to be a productivity boss. From gadgets to block out the office noise to apps for organizing your expenses, these are my favorite pro tips to get the most out of your [...]

By | March 21st, 2016|Nicole's Note|

When it Comes to Investing, Confidence is Key

Here’s why you should care about investing: because stashing your money under a mattress is ridiculous. Not only because it doesn’t make you money, but because you actually lose money. Yes, you lose money. No, I’m not surmising that a robber will come and steal your cash—but a little thing called “inflation” will. Even if you are more sophisticated than my family was and save money in a bank account with a little, measly bit of interest, you’re still losing money in the long run. “Hey, it’s better than nothing,” you might be thinking. Well, yes, if you don’t care about making money. But, it’s like [...]

By | March 15th, 2016|Featured, Finance 101|

Be Y-O-U

This year has been one of many ups and downs for me (I know, I know, it's only March...but it's true!). I've made a lot of changes in my life, traveled a ton, taken on some new challenges (including shooting new episodes for my show, Hatched!) and released the paperback version of my first book, Rich Bitch (which came out on my birthday last week, eek!). But throughout it all, one thing has remained constant (and swearing like a sailor): ME. That's right. I've committed to spending more time on myself, whether that's taking on a new hobby like biking around Santa Monica (I [...]

By | March 14th, 2016|Nicole's Note|

4 Boss Ideas to Invest in Y-O-U This Spring

  Something I love about springtime is the renewed energy that is palpable everywhere. It’s a wonderful time to revisit resolutions that you made earlier in the year, clean up your finances, and make your health a priority. To really get into the business of you. You’ve heard me say it before but I’ll say it again: one of the best investments you can make is in yourself. Here are wonderful ways to invest in yourself this spring, so you can continue killin’ it as the superstar you are! 1. Streamline your routines: Start planning things out a little more than chugging [...]

By | March 11th, 2016|Career|
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