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Nicole Lapin Shares Video Diary of Egg Freezing Process

This is the scariest post I’ve written yet because it’s intended to share a deeply personal story of mine: my egg-freezing journey.

Some major soul-searching went into my decision to document this process and talk about it so publicly. But every time I hesitated, I thought of the many other women out there who might feel alone during their own fertility processes and I didn’t want anyone to feel isolated, like I did at times. So here goes:

I was 31 years old when I froze my eggs a few months ago. It wasn’t easy and the picture wasn’t pretty. The physical part was hard: my belly hurt, I was bloated and perpetually tired….but the emotional part was even harder. I always wanted to have a family of my own and wanted to take that destiny into my own hands — and to help other women start thinking about their own reproductive futures for themselves, planning and saving for that future as soon as possible.

Let me be clear: I don’t want to use the eggs I put on ice, if I don’t have to. I want to get married and have kids the natural way. But this gives me the most options for when I am ready to be a mother. It’s an insurance policy; it literally freezes the biological clock. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or single or if you already have kids…you never know what might happen with your fertility down the road and you shouldn’t ever take the back seat in your life. You’re in control. You’re in the driver’s seat.

In honor of National Fertility Week this week, I would love it if you could help me spread the word about this very important issue to empower other women to take control of this part of their lives.

I am so grateful for your support. My lady tribe, online and IRL, has propped me up during this crazy time in my life, and I can’t thank all of you enough.

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