Following Your Intuition with Elemis Co-Founder and President Noella Gabriel

In this episode of The Boss School, I speak with Noella Gabriel, co-founder and president of Elemis, a global skincare brand that focuses on the lifestyle, not just the product.

To begin, Noella talks about her unlikely start in business. After being selected as a classical singer at age 13, her destiny took an abrupt turn when she found herself working in the beauty industry instead. In many ways, Noella believes that these paths aren’t so different. Both revolve around ‘notes’ and creating the perfect harmony.

Nicole Lapin with Elemis co-founder and president Noella Gabriel - The Boss School Podcast

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Your skin is the largest organ in your body. While moisturizer is important, Elemis promotes the importance of a complete healthy lifestyle. Noella feels that the brand’s willingness to redefine wellness and get ahead of the curve is what has led to its success.

That’s why she is a strong believer in following your intuition. Everyone has the tools to lead, but most people lack the training to leave their comfort zone. “There are moments,” she says, “when you just have to go “yes, come on, give it a go.” This is especially true in a fast-moving industry such as skincare.

Following Your Intuition with Elemis Co-Founder and President Noella Gabriel

We were bold enough and brave enough and maybe naïve to bring a lifestyle concept into skincare at that time. Click To Tweet

Noella sees her job as enabling others to get where they need to go. Sometimes, that involves difficult truths. Other times, that involves learning herself. She’s a strong believer that we must be willing to change to move forward. Flexibility is the key to success.

Breathing is also crucial to finding the perfect balance in your professional and personal life. Because ‘the breath softens everything,’ Noella teaches breathing exercises as a way to clear your head. She seeks to lead by example and feels that stress is the result of indecision. Noella credits her parents for her balance and is thankful for every step of her journey.

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Topics Covered:

  • Noella’s unlikely start in business.
  • “Your skin today is because of your lifestyle choices yesterday.”
  • Success is the result of great people and a great product.
  • You’ve got to take risks and trust your gut.
  • A leader’s job is to enable.
  • “The breath softens everything.”
  • Putting work into perspective.
  • How to lead by example.
  • Stress is the result of indecision.
  • Why trauma leads to balance.

I’m not perfect in any shape or form, but I am still here learning, and I’m still mentoring, and we’re all learning from each other, and I actually think that’s a real privileged place to be. Click To Tweet


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