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Use this free online program and get honest with yourself by getting a real handle on what money you have coming in – and what money is going out. 

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Get the money management pep talk you didn’t get from you parents or teachersCASH was created because Nicole didn’t get that pep talk either. It guides you through a simple budget plan with easy to follow guidelines. No jargon, no acronyms (and if we use any, we’ll explain them).


The right tools and information

CASH is about giving you the right information and tools to get you into a financially fit lifestyle.

It starts when you register, Nicole will  guide you through her easy to follow budgeting plan, along the way you will get tips and reminders to keep you on track.

Take control of your money in 3 minutes or less

To get you set up quickly, Nicole provides clear guidelines on how to set up a budget. You can of course customize your budget, for example if Yoga is an important part of your life, then by all means, create a Yoga category and track that expense.

CASH, provides easy to read visuals to show you how you’re progressing through the month, and overall.

Know where you are at all times

CASH, focuses on reclaiming the “lost dollars” the $100 or more each month you spent in cash on you’re not sure what !

By providing easy to read visuals, CASH shows you how you’re progressing through the month, and on your overall goals.



Can you keep a secret? My parents and teachers never sat me down for a basic intro to money management, financial planning or a budgeting pep talk. Yours didn’t either?! Well, then, phew, we’re coming from the same (sometimes scary/intimidating) place.

So, in order to become financially savvy, I had to teach myself. I spent more than a decade learning to decode the world of finance and realized that when it comes to money, it’s never too late to learn to take control.

Can you keep another secret? It’s also not that difficult to take control of your money if you have the right tools.

That’s exactly why I created CASH. Whether you’re just getting started with my free online CASH Budgeting Tool, or already using the CASH SmartWatch, the world’s first and only financial smartwatch, CASH will be the guide you never had.

Don’t worry, this isn’t school. It’s just an easy system that helps you track your cash. I mean, don’t you want more of that each month??

Successful money management is just like dieting: it’s one day at a time and it’s the little things that can throw you off track. CASH forces you to focus on those little things so that you can maintain a financially fit lifestyle for yourself (sans deprivation).

I know, budgeting sucks—but, what guess sucks more? Being broke. Stick with the program, don’t get discouraged and stop being mad no one taught you this stuff earlier.
The time is now. Because, after all, time is money. My mission is that you don’t lose any of either and take control of both.