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Rich Bitch Worksheets and Downloads

Reading Rich Bitch – my 12-step program for getting your financial life together…finally? Well here are the worksheets for you to download. These include setting a spending plan, tackling your debt and saving for retirement.

Spending Plan

This spreadsheet will help you account for everything—and I mean everything—that you’re spending each month, from rent to gas to yoga.

Rich Bitch Spending Plan (Excel, 27.13 KB)

Rich Bitch Spending Plan (PDF, 222.09 KB)

Balance Sheet

This spreadsheet breaks down your profits (how much money you make each month) versus your losses (how much money you spend each month). Aka, it’s your personal “P&L” statement.

Rich Bitch Personal Balance Sheet (PDF, 205.87 KB)

Rich Bitch Personal Balance Sheet (Excel, 23.35 KB)