The Boss School Podcast - How to Build a Retail Company with Rebecca Taylor and Parker CEO Janice Sullivan

How to Build a Retail Company with Rebecca Taylor and Parker CEO Janice Sullivan

On this episode of the Boss School Podcast, I talk to Rebecca Taylor and Parker CEO Janice Sullivan. We talk about why so many businesses are so interested in DTC and why companies today want to make the best first impression possible online.

First talking about the expectations that women have put on them, Janice details why women’s fashion is so important: because they are ultimately judged. Rebecca Taylor tries to help women look the part when they have the ears of all in the room.

Nicole Lapin and Janice Sullivan - The Boss School Podcast

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Quickly moving on to the importance of branding, Janice talks about why CRM is the buzzword of the day when really all you need to do is be transparent and available to your customers. Knowing who they are helps, but knowing who you are is key. Creating a relaxed environment for your teams of creatives will help the company soar.

Janice says that a leader must necessarily inspire people with a singular, intentional vision. Managers, on the other hand, really only need to be good at managing the day-to-day. Leaders must excite people to follow them. And above all, be wherever you are. Fully commit, show up, and inspire those around you with passion, knowledge, and kindness. There is little else.

How to Build a Retail Company with Rebecca Taylor and Parker CEO Janice Sullivan

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Topics Covered:

  • All the acronyms in the fashion retail world.
  • What women have to contend with everywhere they go.
  • Rental as a viable alternative for the Instagram woman.
  • DTC and CRM – why you need to really know your customer.
  • Creative directors almost need to be these uber-beings.
  • The psychology of branding.
  • The value of being uncreative.
  • Straight talk and the danger of the “protective cloud.”
  • You close down learning when you think you know everything.
  • The difference between being a good leader and a good manager.
  • Keep your anxieties in check.
  • Running is good for the mind and body.

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