How To Deal with Haters with Lifeway Foods CEO Julie Smolyansky

In this episode of The Boss School podcast, I chat with Julie Smolyansky, the CEO of Lifeway Foods. At just 27 she became the youngest-ever woman CEO of a publicly-traded company.

Since then she has grown the company to more than 100M in revenue and their kefir drink currently has a whopping 95% of the market share in the space.

But, there were plenty of haters along the way who said she couldn’t do it. So, how did she deal with them? She will teach us the three ways she did that and how you can, too.

Some highlights of what we learn in this episode:

  • Don’t let them take your energy, let them fuel you.
  • Stick to your gut, truth, and skills.
  • Find your community.

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