How To Grow Without Paid Marketing with Sugarfina founder Rosie O’Neill

In this episode of The Boss School podcast, I speak to oh-so-sweet Rosie O’Neill, who is the co-founder and co-CEO of the California-based candy boutique Sugarfina. (Which essentially makes the best candy around for adults, I mean…champagne gummy bears, anyone?!)

The company hit $40M in revenue without paid marketing. Now, having surpassed that, it’s still only 1% of sales. So how did the company go from an idea Rosie had for adult candy store with her husband, to the mega-hit it is today?

Some highlights of what we learn in this episode:

  • Your early customers are gold. Nurture them with handwritten notes!
  • Prioritize doing press yourself…no one is going to care more than you, and press will respond to a found way faster than a PR person.
  • Make your product visually appealing on social media! The right product is inherently shareable.

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