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I would rather share the number on my scale than the number on my paycheck

Here’s something I’ve learned from conducting many interviews over the years: women would rather talk about anything—and I mean anything—before talking about money. So when it comes to admitting their salary or that other taboo topic—their weight—which one do you think most people would go for?

I wanted to find out, so I conducted a survey in partnership with Nielsen asking: “Would you rather admit the number on your bathroom scale or the number on your paycheck?” The results were interesting, but not necessarily surprising:

– More than 2/3 of Americans would rather share the number on their scale than the number on their paycheck.

– Those age 55-64 (73%) are more likely than those age 18-34 (62%) to admit their weight first.

Clearly, there is a stigma regarding talking about money and our salaries in this country—so much so that we’d rather get into our personal health than own up to what we’re making. Yet another reason why it’s so important to join the financial conversation, especially for young women. Nothing off limits, here!

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