Hello… It’s Me, Your New Money Idol!

Wow… it’s been a happy, happy 2016 already indeed and we are just getting started! I’m so lucky to kick off the year with the fancy new title of “Money Idol!!” I just found out that I won the 5th annual “Best Money Expert” competition from GoBankingRates, the first woman to do so.
I most definitely would not win a real talent contest so this is as close to being a rockstar as I’m going to get. Similar to those contests, though, this title was also determined by YOUR votes over the last month! So, winning it was no doubt all because of YOU and your amazing support voting for me in the 2015 Best Money Expert competition. I knew I was a total long shot when I saw the other money gurus – like Warren Buffett and Tony Robbins – who were nominated by a committee of top financial journalists and influencers who reviewed hundreds of submissions. I’m still wondering if there was some online hanging chad situation or a glitch in naming me the winner, but then I think of YOU and know I must have done something right to deserve your stellar and unwavering support. For that I am beyond grateful, and I promise to wear the #MoneyIdol crown with pride.

Here’s to a killer year ahead!

P.S. I’ve compiled my predictions–financial and cultural– for the year ahead: my 2016 Short/Long List!

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