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A multimedia production company focused on creating accessible financial content across various platforms.

Will develop and host television shows, and create digital and print content for major media outlets.


“Nothing But Gold \NUH-thing but g-OLD, noun;”


To produce mainstream content with a business spin. Because we are part of the community, we aim to help capture it accurately and with insider access.


Business is part of pop culture. It has influtrated mainstream media.

You can’t go anywhere without someone talking about “valuations” or “entrepreneurship.” The popularity of shows like “Shark Tank” and “Undercover Boss” and even “Cake Boss” has made this business culture accessible for the first time.

Entrepreneurs are rockstars: Kids say they want to be the next president, professional sports player or Mark Zuckerberg. There is a fascination in the world behind the scenes of entrepreneurship and doing business in America.

There is a real opportunity for great content that has a financial spin to it, focusing not on the dry numbers or code but on the on the interpersonal dynamics that characterize the business world.


It’s more important than ever to get women interested in business and entrepreneurship, and the only way you are going to do that is to make it look cool in pop culture—and make it look a little glamourous along the way.

We believe there is an underserved audience of millions of business-minded, smart, strong, sassy women who don’t identify with hardcore business news but want to join the conversation. We want to create programming for her wherever she is in her day.

While the eyeballs are still on television, we aim to focus there while also entertaining business models that are hybrids of television/digital content.

Nothing But Gold Productions Casting

Sample Projects


A real-time prank show where a deserving yet unsuspecting employee is put through a series of bizarre, insane and maddening situations — only to find out and be promoted! A promotion is one of the most exciting moments an employee can receive on the job, and for most employers it’s a pleasure to bestow. In fact, some employers enjoy rewarding their employees so much that they want to have a little fun with it…and unsuspecting employees better watch out for an OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD!


An edgy, no-holds-barred, fun destination for financial news and advice.

Hosted by Nicole Lapin, a financial expert and former CNN and CNBC anchor who delivers “finance in a party dress,” Recessionista reminds everyone—rich or poor—that you don’t need to break the bank to be fabulous. This program is for those who crave smart and unconventional financial content, delivered in a way that is interactive and easy to understand. The show features interviews with celebrities about their money-saving tips and economy product lines, creative ways to make money through alternative investments and ways to fake it ’til you make it. As a young and savvy financial expert, Nicole Lapin shares unconventional financial advice along with many other exciting and financially-focused, fashionable offerings. She’s not a dictator, telling you how to spend your money, but a friend helping you to get it together—and get it all!



Casting New Tough-Love Makeover Show

NBG Productions, a premier television and digital production company, has partnered with a major distributor to develop a new show that focuses on people who’s personal finances are in total disarray and need a major money intervention.

Who are we looking for?

If you are on the brink of financial ruin—drowning in debt, no savings in the bank, have an out-of-control shopping addiction—and are at risk of losing it all, OR if you have been affected by a friend or family member’s financial habits and want to stage an intervention, we want to hear your story.

· If you want to take control of your finances and get your life back on track once and for all, and are interested in sharing your story, please apply using the form at the bottom of the page!


Our Team

Nicole Lapin

Nicole Lapin – Founder

NICOLE LAPIN started Nothing But Gold Productions in 2011, at the peak of the recession, with the mission to create accessible financial content across TV, digital, and print platforms for a younger generation. She wanted to reach other young people who, like her, hadn’t grown up with a copy of The Wall Street Journal on the kitchen table. NBG has since expanded to include feature series, explainer videos, online tips and tricks, and an advice column in Redbook magazine — all told in the same plain English and conversational style that Nicole is known for.
Brandon Klein - Senior Editor

Brandon Klein – Senior Editor

BRANDON KLEIN joined NBG productions in 2011 as a senior editor. He is a Long Island native and graduate of the New York Institute of Technology. Brandon worked as a video producer for NBC Sports Group and CNBC. He also held various production positions at YES Network, MSG Network, SNY, and ESPN among others. Brandon has been nominated for 2 Emmy awards for work on the 2012 London Olympics.
Adam Matos – Senior Videographer

Adam Matos – Senior Videographer

ADAM MATOS joined NBG Productions in 2013 as a senior videographer. Adam is an experienced broadcast and commercial producer, editor, and video journalist. His work includes projects for  AOL, Amazon, American Express, MSG, Cablevision, News 12, the NY Islanders and various other corporate, nonprofit, and broadcast organizations. Adam is also an on-air correspondent and host. He spent several years as a local lifestyle reporter as well as a show host of Cablevision’s “Neighborhood Journal.” Additionally, Adam has served as a spokesperson representing products for companies such as Coca-Cola,  Hallmark, Sony, Campbell’s and other major brands on national and regional television segments.

Brecht Vanthof – Senior Photographer

BRECHT VANTHOF has worked with Nothing But Gold on photography and video work since August 2011. Originally from Newport Beach, CA Brecht currently studies at Parsons/The New School, where his work ranges from Photography to Graphic Design. He is currently featured on college campuses across the country in Adobe Systems’ Creative Cloud media campaign. His most widely viewed project to date, “Wedge,” was shot last summer during a weekend of epic surf; the short film has amassed more than 1.5 million views since being posted in July 2012.
In August, Brecht’s short film, “Process” was named an official selection in the “Hollyshorts” film festival. The film premiered in August at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The film was written, directed, and edited by Brecht.