The 5 Best Apps for Your Financial Health

There’s a ton of research out there about how your finances affect your health. In fact, I did a whole segment with my buddy Dr. Oz about how your shopping habits can adversely affect your stress levels and emotions. Luckily, there’s a lot of help out there, including many apps that can keep you on track mentally and financially right from your smartphone. Here’s a roundup of my favorites:

Zero Willpower

If you want to get serious about curbing your spending, download blocking apps instead of shopping apps. Zero Willpower lets you block specific websites so that you can’t access them from your phone or computer. Block the sites were you tend to impulse buy, such as flash sale and other discount sites (which are typically the most addicting). Zero Willpower will shut it down…even if you delete the app!


Saving can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you have a large goal in mind like maxing out your 401(k) or setting aside a downpayment for a house. Sync your credit card information up to Digit and it will find ways to save for you. The software analyzes where you have surplus funds and then pulls a few dollars out at a time. For example, if you spent less on dining this week because you packed lunch for work everyday, Digit will see that and move an extra few bucks into savings. A few dollars here and there adds up: watch $2 turn into $50, without even thinking about it!


This wellness app’s motto is “The world is your gym.” Not only is this approach more holistic than simply tracking calories and BMI, but it’s also FREE. Human simply encourages you to reach your “Daily 30”—30 minutes of physical activity—whatever that may be for you. Walking the dog, dancing the night away with friends, biking to the grocery store; all that matters is that you are being active for 30 consecutive minutes at a time. Human tracks your movements and lets you know when you’ve achieved your goal for the day.


 When it comes to saving and/or getting yourself out of debt, it’s all about having your eyes on the prize. Think about what you could be doing with that money, and then be relentless in tracking it down. Unsplurge helps you focus on saving with daily visual reminders. It starts with a simple question: What do you want to save for? You tell the app the answer, enter an amount, and upload a photo. It then tracks your progress with daily visualizations, making your goal that much more tangible.

Spirit Junkie

I talk a lot about the importance of setting goals, whether it’s for finance, family, or fun—and then continually evolving those goals as your situation changes. That’s life. Spirit Junkie will help you to stay positive throughout by sending daily affirmations to your phone. Wake up to a positive affirmation every day, and if that message resonates with you, you can even set reminders for it to pop up throughout the day reminding you to be your best, most positive self.






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