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Living paycheck to paycheck?

In debt up to your neck?

Wanna save for that house or a car?

Worried about retirement?

Trust me. I’ve been there.

I’m Nicole Lapin. Although I’ve been on TV most of my life, I wasn’t always as confident on the inside as I appeared. It took me years of working the corporate ladder and running my own business to learn everything I was doing wrong.

If I had known this when I started out, I would’ve saved so much time and money. That’s why I created The Money School. I want to help you take control of your time, money, and ultimately your dream career. At The Money School, you’ll learn how to have success as an employee of a company, make more money, and even turn your passion into a business.

Don't just take our word for it.

The trust speaks for itself.

Wendy Williams, Host of The Wendy Williams Show

Nicole's advice is a swift kick in the pants to young, ambitious, upstart women out there who want control over their lives, debts and careers.

Alexis Maybank, Cofounder of Gilt Group

Nicole does a fabulous job educating people about money while always keeping it fun and entertaining.

Mike Perlis, CEO of Forbes Media

Lapin's unfiltered, energetic advice speaks to anyone taking aim at their own career destiny.

Nigel Travis, CEO of Dunkin' Donuts

Nicole brings to life in a highly readable way the real pitfalls and solutions of financial life in a more complex world.

Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa, Founders of Warby Parker

Nicole delivers expert financial advice straight up, no chaser, in a tone that's as lively as it is likable.

Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN

A financial diet is like a regular diet: if you allow yourself small indulgences you won't binge later on. Nicole offers you a plan you can stick to.

Fred Deluca, Cofounder and CEO of Subway

Nicole is the money expert with sensible advice to help you be the CEO of your own life.

Turn your life around with

The Money School.

The Money School features personal finance tips taught with relatable real-life stories and situations.

No secrets. No gimmicks.

Complete transparent modules.

Module 1

Speaking The Language Of Money

Lesson 1: Stop Smiling And Nodding: Join The Conversation

Lesson 2: Goal Setting That Sets You Up For Success

Lesson 3: Setting Up A Spending Plan: Budgeting Sucks But So Does Being Broke

Lesson 4: Talking To Your Significant Other About Money

Module 2

Take Control Of Your Money

Lesson 1: Get That Debt Monkey Off Your Back

Lesson 2: Fixing Your Credit Score

Lesson 3: Rethinking What You Know About Housing: Renting

Lesson 4: Rethinking What You Know About Housing: Buying

Lesson 5: Lease? Buy? Bus it? The Truth Around Spending On Your Ride

Module 3

Grow Your Money

Lesson 1: Lock It Up: Savings 101

Lesson 2: Make It Grow, Baby, Grow: How To Invest

Lesson 3: Aging Gracefully...And Rich

Bonus Materials.


Many lessons include short interactive quiz to test your knowledge.


Each lesson comes with worksheets to help you through the lesson.

Plus personal tips with

Guest interviews.

Dottie Herman

CEO, Douglas Elliman

Noah Kerner

CEO, Acorns

Brian Kelly

CEO, The Points Guy

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