The Most Genius Ways to Transform Your Going-Out Clothes for Work

Take a peek in your closet and I bet you’ll find a lot of cute tops, sexy LBDs, and form-fitting jeans that keep you looking and feeling great all weekend long. But there’s just one problem that unfortunately many women don’t understand: this fabulous wardrobe of going-out clothes is not appropriate for the workplace, and failing to get that could actually hamper your career. A recent study showed that women in high-level positions who dress in what is seen as “sexy” attire are viewed as less competent, regardless of their actual skill sets. These women are passed over for promotions more often than their more modestly dresses female colleagues, even if they are the better person for the position.

But, before you go out and buy an entirely new “work PG” wardrobe, repurpose what you already have! Here are some of my favorite gadgets for transforming your clothes from night to day:

Camibands: Wearing a V-neck cut down to there might be hot for going out, but NOT for the office. V-necks and other scoop-necks still make a great wardrobe staple, though — so we have the mom/daughter duo at Camibands to thank for helping us make the transition. Just wear one of their pretty lace bands under your shirt (and over your bra) to create instant cleavage cover-up — and add a little feminine flair to your office wear!

Bosom Buttons: If you’re not into the lace look but still need to rein in a plunging neckline, these little buttons are for you. Just pull the fabric closer together and button it for insta-conservative. Finished with pearls or Swarovski crystals, they’ll give you a little (work-appropriate) glam.

Strap Perfect: When it comes to dressing for work, bra straps aren’t just tacky: they’re downright inappropriate. Available in clear, black, and nude, the Strap Perfect is just the gadget to save the day (and, your reputation). Just clip your bra straps into it and slide up or down your back accordingly to make those straps disappear under any top.

Blush Accessories Tee Shirt Extender: This season’s crop-top fetish just isn’t cool for wearing around the office. Blush Accessories thought of that, and made these brilliant little tubes, which can be worn around your belly under a short shirt to extend it to a more appropriate length.


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