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As a financial journalist, and single woman in New York City, I had to learn the language of money and get my own financial house in order. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. But once I finally understood the world of money and finance, my world changed – I became empowered and more conscious of the choices I was making. And as a result I was able to finally live the life I wanted.

You’ve probably been planning to get around to the money conversation at some point in the future, but a basic understanding about money and finance is something that we need to know today. Like, right now. It’s an essential conversation that we need to have with ourselves and loved ones so we can make smarter decisions about our spending, lives, and careers.

So my “pay it forward” is to take all of the information that I had to learn, hard-knocks style, and lay it all out here in simple and actionable tips, advice, and how-tos which I hope you will find useful whatever the stage of life you might be in.
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And keep a look out, as throughout the year I’ll be offering online programs where you can take your financial education even further with yours truly as your guide.
Talking about money used to suck… but it doesn’t have to with me at your fingertips.

— Nicole

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