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Giving Back

Throughout my career I have had the privilege to support several charitable organizations. I am on the only all-female charity board in NYC for an organization called Women in Need, where I get to help homeless children and their families get much needed care and support. I also get to meet some pretty amazing women who inspire me through their outreach and career prowess—and you, too, will be amazed at how much the relationships you build around charity will enrich your personal and professional lives.

As you become more financially stable, keep this in mind: once you’ve helped yourself, it’s important to consider how you can now help others.

You can do this by making financial donations, which are tax deductible (always a good thing), but you can also do this by offering your skills and time. I know you have both.

There are several websites that you can use to research how responsible charities are with your donations, like Charity Navigator. As with your personal finances, it’s important to know where your money is going, charitable or otherwise.

Choosing to help others to get their businesses off the ground might be more your style so we have included some links below where you can help others get their dream off the ground.

So if you feel that you have time or money to spare right now—get it! And help others to live a life that is truly “rich” in every sense of the word.