Why I Used “Bitch” in the Title of My Book

As a woman, if you speak your mind, you’re called a bitch. If you don’t take shit from anyone, you’re called a bitch. If you aren’t afraid to go for what you want, you’re called a bitch. If you are empowered about your money and the life you want, you’re called a bitch. If you demand respect, you’re called a bitch.

And for men, if they do these things? Well…they’re just a “man.” THE man, in fact.


Since when is it a bad thing to be an intelligent, sassy, honest, powerful female that takes charge of creating the life that she has dreamed of? Since when is it a bad thing to look your finances in the eye and not be AFRAID of them?

So let’s talk about the word “bitch.”
Do you use it? Have you been called it?
Maybe you love to refer to your bffs as “your bitches,” or maybe you were raised only knowing it as the “B” word; like “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.” Maybe you’ve been called it when refusing to answer a cat-caller on the street, or by a co-worker crossing the line.

Without getting into the differences between when men use “bitch” and women do the same (positively or negatively), I want to explain why I called my book (out Feb. 24th!!) Rich Bitch.

At first glance, a title like Rich Bitch may make you think about jet-setting and all that bling-bling; and if that’s your bag, get it girl! But the message behind the title is one of self-awareness, confidence, empowerment and the idea that a Rich Bitch knows she doesn’t have to be either to be both. It’s about living a rich, full life that’s powered by money, not revolving around it.

Let’s just go ahead and acknowledge it: people can be really nasty to ambitious woman. As Jessica Miller Merrel writes, “When women are confident, calm, and educated, they are often seen as trouble.”

It’s not, and it’s time we stop letting “bitch” upset us if we’re called it because of these traits, which are actually pretty awesome.

I titled my book Rich Bitch because I’m calling out to other women who are tired of being behind in the financial conversation, to other women who believe in themselves whether they work above, under, with, or without ‘the man;’ to other women who know that speaking the language of money is one of the first steps to truly being in charge of their financial lives –- which, in turn, affects every other part of their lives as well.

A Rich Bitch is an honest bitch. She’s not afraid to take apart her bills piece by piece, and if things don’t add up, admit that she has a problem. A Rich Bitch understands that you’ve gotta start somewhere; and that constantly stressing about finances just plain sucks.

(And BTW, fellas, I’m not leaving you out in the cold here—a Rich Bitch attitude definitely doesn’t have to have gender boundaries—but if you’re reading this, you’re smart enough to understand the greater challenges women face in the working world. So go ahead, be a Rich Bitch. But also be an ally.)

So yes, I am calling you a Bitch—a Rich one. Because I know you’ve got it in you. I know that it’s not an insult. It’s meant to start the conversation.

Here’s to you, Rich Bitch. Claim that title with pride. Own it.

See video for other power ladies who are taking the word “bitch” back and owning it!


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