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You’re the boss

You like trying new things (and are usually the first to suggest them to others). You are a planner who takes charge and sets the agenda, and you are happiest surrounded by people, whether they’re friends or just exciting strangers. To you, variety is the spice of life—as long as it’s in the calendar. You work hard, play hard, and thrive when your schedule is full. Your energy is contagious to those around you, and it’s important to you to feel like you’ve made something productive out of your day.

Whether it’s proposing a better method for pitching your product or energizing a run-of-the-mill meeting by holding it outside on a beautiful day; you’re always coming up with innovative ideas and implementing them at work. You take the lead making your creative ideas come to life.

Your friends look to you to shake things up, especially when everyone is bored with the usual routine. You’re the center of your social group, continually coming up with fantastic suggestions for new and fun activities.

Your love of adventure carries over into your relationships and family life as well. You love surprises but have even more fun when you’re the one doing the surprising. Whether that’s taking your partner on an unplanned weekend getaway or treating your kids to a pancake breakfast on a Friday morning before school, you know how to keep life exciting.

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