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You’re the Connector

You’re an organizational powerhouse that loves to bring people together; your friends/co-workers/family feel like they shine their brightest around you. It’s important to you for others to feel heard, and you can often be found striking up deep conversations with acquaintances. Although you have an idea of how you’d like things done (and routinely follow it closely), you welcome input from others and find value in what your circle has to share.

You thrive around people at work, and can bring your team together like no other. When there’s a new face in the office, you’re the perfect one to show them the ropes — after all, you practically invented them!

You’re the life of the party when you socialize! You know exactly what you and your friends like, and you make sure everyone’s happy, whether it’s a monthly spa retreat or a weekly board game night. And if anyone’s facing a crisis, they know that you’ll help them talk through it and figure out a game plan.

You excel in times of conflict — you’re a fantastic peacemaker. Whether it’s a disagreement with a spouse, or among your kids, you can broker peace when no one else can. Just make sure you’re not sacrificing your own needs in the process — your happiness is just as important!

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