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You’re the Enthusiast

You’re a lover of life and try to get as much out of it as possible! You happily step out of your comfort zone and quickly say yes to working on new projects, attending parties with new friends, and trying that trendy dance class your co-worker suggested. You are a great champion of your friends and those you work with and find supporting others incredibly gratifying. You’re pretty cooperative and don’t like to stir calm waters, opting instead to offer advice or a helping hand.
You’re the first to jump on new group projects or offer assistance to those who need it at work. You do better moving from project to project, working with others along the way — collaboration is your strong suit.
You’re the try-anything-once type — if someone says it’s fun, why not? Yes, this has led to some wild adventures with mixed results, but with your loyal friends by your side, you delight in the stories that come out of your group’s exploits.
You love to engage your family in interesting activities, and welcome ideas on how to disrupt the usual routine with exciting changes. “Home” might be a nebulous concept for you since travel is something you adore as often as possible. It’s the people in your life that make you feel at home wherever you go!

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