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You’re the Individualist

You march to the beat of your own drum; living life on your own terms and expressing your uniqueness are key elements of what make you, you. You are a planner, like your routines, and are fine doing your own thing. You are always ready to be inspired or to transform in whatever ways make sense for you and your truth.

You know exactly how you operate best at work, and you get things done with incredible efficiency when you’re able to do it in your way. If necessary, you can conform to other people’s schedules, but you’re excellent at self-motivating and reliably hit your own benchmarks.

You understand the value of spending time on your own, so you’re selective with how you spend your time socializing. You’re perfectly happy to go to a movie alone or visit your favorite restaurant for the thousandth time. But, it’s even better if a few of your closest friends come along.

You make your well-being a priority in your relationships, as well it should be! You can trust your instincts in romantic and family life, and your family trusts it too. You’re not perfect all the time, but your attention to detail doesn’t miss much.

Super Self Care

Strategies for Stressful Times

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