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You’re the maverick

You’re a free-spirited individual who loves new experiences. You’re independent and have no problem taking charge or going outside of your comfort zone. Thanks to being in tune with yourself, you tend to trust your judgment and be able to take action quickly when needed. You value your time alone and don’t feel the need to be around others at every moment. While you love adventure, you are also happy to nest when you need to reset before stepping out to explore all over again.

When there’s a problem that needs solving at work, you’re happy to take the initiative to figure it out and don’t like to rely on your colleagues for a solution. Your independent creativity and decisive actions have saved the day more than once, and people rely on you for unconventional answers when the going gets tough.

You don’t necessarily go out very often, but when you do, it tends to be for an exciting experience. Maybe it’s a new yoga class or a niche dining experience that nobody else dares to try. Usually, you bring along your closest pals, but if they’re busy, you’re just as open to going on the adventure all by yourself.

Your confidence and independence mean that some people find it challenging to keep up with you, but if that’s the case, they’re not worth your time. The right person will love your individualism, and your family always looks forward to stories of your latest adventures.

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