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You’re the Observer

You’ve got a keen eye for paying attention to detail, and not many things slip past your gaze. You’ve honed in on the habits that work for you, and are fine keeping them the way they are. You care about those around you and work well with others. However, you tend to prefer watching from the sidelines to diving into the middle of the game.

At work: You’re excellent at noticing what others might miss, and you’re a pro at coming up with solutions that work best for everyone. If a colleague needs someone to look over their work, they’ll most likely come to you — your advice is unfailingly valuable.

With friends: You enjoy planning something special with your crew every once in a while, and making sure it’s as fabulous as it can be. Even if you don’t go out partying every day, your kind nature does not go unnoticed. You might be surprised by how many people consider you a friend!

At home: You might be slower to establish connections than others, but that means when they form, they’re incredibly meaningful. When you find the right person for you, you’ll click with them like no one else. While you might not loudly express your affection for your family all the time, they know you care through your quieter acts of love.

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