You’re the pragmatist

You’re detail-oriented, firmly rooted in reality, and apply this approach to every part of your life. You do best when you’re able to stick to the routines and habits that you’ve worked hard to solidify. The structure of your life and the people in it are what make your world go round! Your loved ones know they can rely on you if and when they need your advice or help.

“Delegation” might as well be your middle name at work. You know exactly what you and everyone else can do to get the job done, based on everyone’s strengths. You don’t hesitate to ask for help or offer assistance when necessary — you’re all stronger together, after all.

Your bring your wide social group together for your favorite activities, same time every week. All your friends know they can count on you for a reliable night of fun, and you love to organize it.

You love the rhythms of life with your family, and you’re excellent at keeping all of it ticking. Your significant other adores your vivacious and comforting nature, and your children know they can come to you for advice with anything. Family traditions bring you a lot of comfort in difficult times.

Super Self Care

  • Your superpower is your ability to structure things in your life to be efficient and functional. But are your current routines and habits still serving you? Don’t be afraid to let go of parts of your routines that aren’t working for you or to add a fun new element to shake things up a bit—you’ll have some new, awesome habits in no time.

  • Don’t get so focused on making the next plan or following the way you’ve done things in the past that you aren’t present in the moment or don’t let yourself have a grander view of the situation. Striving for perfection can be the enemy of growth and progress. Being mindful will do wonders for your self-care: you’ll be surprised at the ideas, insights, and wins that come your way.

  • If you love to experience the world with your squad, include self-care in your time with them. But try something new this time! If your typical weekend routine includes spin class and brunch with the girls, switch it up and try a new activity instead (no, you don’t have to give up the brunch part!). Find an axe-throwing class nearby or hit a climbing gym. Making a small change to your routine can make a big difference to your energy and perspective on life.

Strategies for Stressful Times

  • Harness your organizational powers to de-stress. Maybe this means decluttering your bedroom to make it feel like more of the sanctuary you need and deserve; maybe this means making some pro/con lists about a situation that is causing stress in your life to better assess how you should approach it.

  • Ask for help. When you’re comfortable being in charge and making decisions, sometimes asking for help when you need it isn’t even on your radar. Remember: Maybe Superwoman can do it all on her own, but we don’t want to be there for everyone else while we put ourselves last on our list to rescue. Instead, we want to be a super woman–and no super woman is an island. We all need people to turn to in stressful times. As much of a badass boss as you are, it’s good to remember it’s healthy and OK to lean on your loved ones. Call a friend, join a Facebook group of likeminded super women, or seek professional help if you need to. There’s no shame in seeing a therapist or a life coach–some of the most powerful women in the world credit mental health experts for their success.

  • Indulge in some zzzs already! As invigorating as it can be to be around others, you likely need to take some time out to truly rest and de-stress, in order to better tackle the things at hand. Let yourself sleep in on Saturday and move your brunch plans to Sunday instead.