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Nicole appearing on Good Morning America, The Talk and more.


Nicole answers your burning money questions in a way that you don’t need a dictionary to understand on #AskNicoleLapinAnything. From whether to lease a car or buy used to if you’re too young for health insurance, she’s got you covered… in plain English. Use the hashtag and ask your money question via Twitter and Facebook for the chance to see it featured as a video!

Not Your Mama's Finance

Nicole breaks down all of the financial jargon and buzzwords of the day so you can stop smiling and nodding and join the conversation. After all, do you really know the difference between a stock and a bond, or that the opposite of “short” is “long”—not tall? Using her signature sassy style, fun animation, and everyday examples Nicole breaks these terms down into plain English for even the most inexperienced finance-phile to use.

How to be a Rich Bitch

Hosted by Nicole, these fun, accessible how-to videos cover everything from organizing your expenses to checking your credit report to negotiating your monthly bills. Using her signature conversational style—and more than a little tough love—Nicole walks you through getting your finances together so you can get it all.

Live a Rich Life

Nicole brings you the latest in social experiments based on the culture of money, from defining what it means to be “rich” in every aspect of the word to demonstrating how our attitudes toward money change as we age. After all, every story goes back to money!

Financial News

From CNBC to Bloomberg to MSNBC, Nicole’s latest appearances and commentary on the economy, the market, and personal finance.

Entertainment News

Nicole reports on the business of Hollywood for The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood Live.

General News

Highlights and recent appearances from Nicole’s 10+ years in broadcast news, from CNN to TODAY.

Digital Shorts

Partnering with the likes of AOL, Nicole hits the road for compelling interviews with female businesswomen and entrepreneurs with whacky ways of making money on the side to show that the entrepreneurial spirit in this country is alive and well—and thriving.

Talk Shows

Nicole serves as the money correspondent for The Wendy Williams Show, as well as making appearances on Anderson Live and The Steve Harvey Show.


A simple 12-step plan to leap over the wealth gap once and for all.